Facts & Questions

Below we answer a few common questions about shower doors and installation. You are always free and we encourage you to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

What’s process for getting a quote for a new frameless shower door?

Text (470-303-6008) or email us a photo of your opening and we can get you a quote quickly.


Shower Measurements

What needs to be completed before you can measure my space?

If you are renovating your entire shower (or building new), the shower floor and all tilework, (not just a tile sill) must be completed.

Shower Floor Installation

When you are designing your new shower, make sure the curb is sloped 1/8th to 1/4th inch toward the inside of the shower floor to ensure proper water run off. You will not believe how many times we run across an improperly sloped shower floors either due to an amateur installation or poor construction. Houses are built at a very fast pace nowadays and sometimes the shower floor is rushed and not properly sloped.