Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

partial-framed shower doors Decatur GeorgiaSemi-frameless shower doors are a beautiful option for those who want the look and feel of an Atlanta frameless shower door but are on a tighter budget. This type of door features a design offering a low-profile framing with a solid glass door. Having the frame only on the exterior components of the door can give the same illusion as a frameless shower door.


Quality Shower Door Components

Semi-frameless doors are made using permanently bonded hinges, patented glass coatings, solid handles, and thick tempered glass. The metal framing is kept to a minimum and allows your bathroom to have an elegant and graceful look. Typically, the frame is only an inch wide and comes in a variety of options to match your color scheme. These qualities help you achieve a frameless shower door look without the extra bulk of a thick frame.

A semi-frameless door offers a watertight fit around the frame, helping to prevent any leaks through the doors. The full glass door and minimal frame area are easy to clean and maintain.


Beauty on a Budget

Deciding to renovate your bathroom is a big step. There are many factors to consider, and your budget can grow. A semi-frameless door is a great way to get the look and allure of a frameless door while still keeping costs down.

There are a variety of glass and metal framing options. Clear glass is recommended to give your shower the appearance as though it is completely open to the bathroom. If you prefer privacy, other glass options are available. The metal framing is offered in chrome, bronze, nickel, or gold, allowing you to choose a look that matches the bathroom.


More Atlanta Shower Enclosure Design Options

Your shower may be located in an inconvenient or awkward location of the bathroom. Showers that are tucked into corners or are utilizing a unique shape with more than a few corners will require some framing. The semi-frameless design allows you to incorporate a beautiful glass enclosure while maintaining the structural needs of your shower.


Create Your Personal Retreat

A common trend among bathroom renovations is turning your bathroom into a spa-like retreat. A semi-frameless door gives you the opportunity to create you own retreat without the extra cost. The open glass allows you to utilize creative tile choices and luxurious shower fixtures, making your shower a main focal point of the bathroom. The framing will quickly get lost into the design, giving you a relaxing retreat.


Get Your Semi-Frameless Atlanta Shower Door

The professionals at Southern Valley Shower Door are experienced in installing shower doors. They are available for a free estimate. A technician will come and analyze your space and discuss your desires for the shower. They can give advice on materials to use and colors that will work best in your setting.

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