Framed Shower Doors

Beautiful framed shower glass enclosure in Atlanta, GA bathroom.When you are looking for an appealing shower door but are on a tight budget, a framed shower door is perfect for you. Framed shower doors have come a long way and can be designed to meet the needs of your Atlanta bathroom. Framed doors and panels can be incorporated into any design or shower opening.


Benefits of a Framed Shower Door

Framed shower doors are typically made of aluminum or composite frames surrounding tempered glass. The frames can be coated to a finish that meets the design scheme of your bathroom. Some finish options include chrome, bronze, nickel, or gold. The same metal is used around all parts of the enclosure, giving it a cohesive look.

Framed glass shower doors are installed with seals, sweeps, and magnetic hardware around the door to give it a watertight fit. This fit keeps the water in your shower and protects your bathroom floors. These parts are easy to clean and maintain. Seals can be placed at any distance from the shower spray and still protect from leakage.

Framed shower doors do not need polished edges or thicker glass so they are more cost effective. Even though they are budget friendly, they do come in a variety of options. Decorative glass choices are available as well as treatments for the frame to make it a perfect color.


Upgrade Your Shower

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. If its current design or layout utilizes a shower curtain, a framed shower door can be a beautiful upgrade. A framed shower door gives your bathroom a more contemporary look and can increase your resale value.

Utilizing an Atlanta framed shower door allows you to incorporate your shower into the design scheme of your bathroom. A clear glass shower door gives you and your guests a chance to see any decorative tile or luxurious shower faucets you may have. These small features can dress up your bathroom and give you a much-needed upgrade.


Get Your Framed Shower Door Today

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You are spending time and money on this project, and we want to make sure you are happy with it. One of the most important factors in the process is shower enclosure installation. Our professionals have years of experience and will take all the proper measurements and precautions for your shower door to be a perfect fit.

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